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top fifteen characters from The Lord of the Rings (as voted by my followers) 
number two: Faramir, Captain of the White Tower
"Here was one with an air of high nobility such as Aragorn at times revealed, less high perhaps, yet also less incalculable and remote: one of the Kings of Men born into a later time, but touched with the wisdom and sadness of the Eldar Race. He knew now why Beregond spoke his name with love. He was a captain that men would follow, that he would follow, even under the shadow of the black wings."

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That’s been my motto for years.


That’s been my motto for years.

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you’ve all been given a specific role and code name.

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every day 


every day 

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why would she sell sea shells by a sea shore when you can just pick them off of the ground for free that’s not how you run a business

She’s sold sea shells by the seashore since shapely seashore seashells stay scarce. Since she sells superior shells searchers spend centuries searching for, seldom selling simple shells, so she still sustains solid savings.


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Turtle dances while showering. [video]


Turtle dances while showering. [video]


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The master of the house was an elf-friend - one of those people whose fathers came into the strange stories before the beginning of History, the wars of the evil goblins and the elves and the first men in the North. In those days of our tale there were still some people who had both elves and heroes of the North for ancestors, and Elrond the master of the house was their chief.

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what even is this show

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i want a word for the almost-home.

that point where the highway’s monotony becomes familiar
that subway stop whose name will always wake you from day’s-end dozing
that first glimpse of the skyline
that you never loved until you left it behind.

what do you call the exit sign you see even in your dreams?
is there a name for the airport terminal you come back to,
comfortably exhausted?

i need a word for rounding your corner onto your street,
for seeing your city on the horizon,
for flying homewards down your highway.

give me a word for the boundary
between the world you went to see
and the small one you call your own.

i want a word for the moment you know
you’re almost home.

— there and back again, n.m.h.  (via running-from-infinity)
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But people do survive, all around us. The world runs on strangers coping.
— David Mitchell, Ghostwritten (via doomstarrequiem)

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